TOP 7 Milsurp Guns UNDER $500 | Cheap Surplus Firearms 2023

TOP 7 Milsurp Guns UNDER $500 | Cheap Surplus Firearms 2023
Does a surplus guns market still exist in 2023?
The good news is that the cheap surplus market still exists. Admittedly the day of super cheap 7.62×25 and 9mm Makarov is gone. These days, most surplus guns have some high ammo costs, but there are plenty of cheap guns on the market. I’ve done a deep dive and found several rifles and handguns on the surplus market that cost less than 500 bucks.
I scoured some well-known surplus websites, auction websites and beyond to find out where the surplus beginner can start. The following guns are available for 500 dollars or less. Although, keep in mind this surplus market is volatile, and things can change quickly, so the prices might be around 500 or so.
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