Unveiling the ATN ThOR 4: An In-Depth Review and Guide by 4MR Ranch

Ready for the rugged terrain of the outdoors and precision shooting, the ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope stands as a revolution in the world of optical hunting technologies. Encased within this detailed review and guide by 4MR Ranch, you will find yourself treated to a definitive study of its features, unboxing and initial impressions, detailed insights into the scope’s controls, and an informative tutorial on updating your firmware.

The video presentation doesn’t just provide facts and figures, it goes on to showcase the scope’s formidable ‘one-shot zero’ feature, tips on target selection for calibration, a menu walkthrough, and even dives into an enlightening demonstration of its thermal testing capabilities. From discussions on battery life and the Obsidian 4 mobile app functionalities to critiques on areas needing improvement and affirmation of its status as a total game changer for hunting, the creators invite you to engage actively, share your opinions, and participate in the 4MR Ranch community.

ATN ThOR 4 Overview

Welcome to the fascinating world of the ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope. This thermal optic comes jam-packed with features that make it an exciting and significant investment for all the right reasons.

Initial impressions of the ATN ThOR 4

The moment you take the ATN ThOR 4 out of its box and look through it for the first time, you’ll probably be thrilled by the experience. It’s intriguing to see the world through this thermal optic as it presents everything based on temperature. The hot spots and cold spots around you are vividly distinct, giving you a brand-new perspective on your surroundings.

Unpacking the ATN ThOR 4

Upon unboxing, you’ll find a neatly packed set comprising the optic, a neoprene case for the optic, the charger with a 90-degree elbow, a rear eyepiece, three distinct scope rings – including an off-set ring, a microfiber cleaning cloth, appropriate Allen wrench for scope rings, and of course, a comprehensive user manual.

ATN ThOR 4 Specifications and features

The ThOR 4 is surprisingly lightweight at just 2.2 pounds despite its robust appearance. It packs several impressive features– thermal sensitivity that can detect a handprint on a wall at close range and spot living things at over a thousand yards away, HD photo and video recording capabilities, and seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.

Physical Features of ATN ThOR 4

Let’s take a closer look at the physical aspects of this unique device.

Button setup and controls

The buttons atop the scope are well-placed and intuitive, with the power button also doubling up as a control to navigate the menu. The knobs on the sides help adjust the zoom and focus functionalities. Remember, a quick press to the ‘OK’ button can access all the menu settings you might need to try out.

Inspection of the SD card and charging port covers

Though it seems like a minor detail, pay attention to these. Remember that these covers might accidentally dislodge, exposing the ports to the elements. Therefore, it is pertinent to make it a habit to check their security frequently as these should always stay securely in place.

ATN ThOR 4 Software Features

Let’s delve into the exciting software features the ThOR 4 has to offer.

Understanding the one-shot zero feature

One of the standout features of this thermal scope is the ‘one-shot-zero’ feature. By taking just one shot, you can calibrate your scope, saving you both time and your precious ammunition.

Reviewing the device menu

The device menu, accessible via the OK button, is a treasure trove of features waiting to be explored. It allows you unprecedented control over your device settings, ensuring the most personalized experience possible.

Different uses of color palettes

Another advantage is the different color palettes that you can choose from, depending on your need or mood. This not only enhances the visual elements of your thermal images but also speaks volumes of the detail and customization options offered by this device.

Unveiling the ATN ThOR 4: An In-Depth Review and Guide by 4MR Ranch

Firmware Update Guide

A quick guide to updating your device firmware is as follows:

How to properly update the device’s firmware

Firmware updates are critical to stay current with advancements. Make sure you are connected to the internet and follow the prompt instructions carefully to ensure a successful update.

Issues encountered during firmware update and solutions

Should you encounter any issues during the update, the first step would be restarting your device and trying again. If the problem persists, refer to the user manual or contact customer support for immediate assistance. Remember, resolving technical hitches promptly prolongs the lifespan of your unit.

Calibrating ATN ThOR 4

Let’s understand the calibration process.

Using the one-shot zero feature for calibration

Deploying the ‘one-shot zero’ feature for calibration is a no-brainer. Just follow the instructions, take that one shot, and your scope will be calibrated, ready to be put to use.

Selecting suitable targets for effective calibration

Choosing appropriate targets for calibration is vital for accuracy. Depending on your hunting practice, select a target with a contrasting background that will stand out clearly in your scope.

Review of Thermal Testing

The ThOR 4 goes beyond impressive when it comes to thermal testing.

Usage of device in different thermal scenarios

The device performs remarkably well in a variety of thermal scenarios, picking up heat signatures from a considerable distance. This makes it all the more versatile and beneficial for hunting pursuits.

Comparison of ATN ThOR 4 with other devices in thermal testing

When compared to other scopes, this ATN offering stands out in thermal testing. In other words: it’s quality and value for money well spent.

Built-in Features of ATN ThOR 4

It is essential to highlight certain built-in features that put the ThOR 4 ahead of its competition.

Built-in rangefinder demo

The in-built rangefinder functionality is a fantastic addition that contributes immensely to the allure and utility of this thermal scope.

Examination of battery life

The battery life examination yields positive results. Rest assured of long-lasting power supply during your hunting expeditions, long after other devices might have given up.

Understanding the Ballistic calculator and Wi-Fi functionality

The built-in ballistic calculator further facilitates precision during your hunts. And to elevate the user experience, the addition of Wi-Fi functionality allows you to share your hunting experiences with ease.

Review of Obsidian 4 mobile app

The companion mobile app for this scope brings the future to your hands.

Exploring the app’s connectivity to the scope

The Obsidian 4 mobile app’s seamless connectivity with your scope adds a layer of convenience and control over your device.

How to control scope settings remotely using the app

Using this mobile app, you can control your scope settings remotely. This empowers you with extra flexibility and power to adjust your scope settings, even when you’re some distance away from it.

Overall Assessment of ATN ThOR 4

Let’s take a step back and assess the ThOR 4 as a whole.

Pros and Cons of the device

Like any device, the ThOR 4 Smart HD comes with its highs and lows. On the one hand, its superior thermal sensitivity, user-friendly interface, and robust hardware make it a hands-down winner. On the flip side, there are improvements needed in the SD card and charging port covers’ design.

Suggested improvements for future designs

Design improvements could focus on better securing the charging port and SD card covers without getting dislodged easily. Other than that, it’s hard to find much fault in the stellar design and functionality of this product.


Let’s wrap it all up.

Final thoughts on the ATN ThOR 4

In conclusion, the ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope is a potential game-changer for hunters. Its ability to detect heat signatures and record activities gives users a competitive edge over their prey. It not only elevates your hunting experience but also adds a layer of excitement and sophistication to it.

Encouraging interaction and feedback from viewers

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