Zooming In: Key Features of the Ideal Scope for Coyote Hunting

Join us on an in-depth journey exploring the best thermal scopes of 2022 for coyote hunting, as curated by the seasoned expertise of the Old Deer Hunters. You’ll get acquainted with the cream of the crop; the InfiRAY RS75, AGM Varmint LRF, AGM Adder, Bering Optics Super Yoter, and the InfiRAY Bolt TH50c developed specifically to elevate your night hunts for coyotes and hogs.

As we delve into the distinguishing characteristics of each model, you’ll discover unique offerings such as the high-resolution of the InfiRAY RS75 that delivers over a million pixels, the low-cost yet efficient AGM Varmint LRF with energy-saving features, and the superior imaging AGM Adder TS-35 384. Also, we’ll introduce the compact and lightweight Bering Optics Super Yoter, and the 2022 best scope contender, InfraRAY Bolt TH50c. Lesli Peterson – Helping Professional Bloggers / leslipeterson.

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Understanding Coyote Hunting and Scopes

Basics of coyote hunting

Coyote hunting is an exciting outdoor activity that requires skill, patience, and the right equipment. This type of hunting provides both a recreational pursuit and a necessity for maintaining balance in the ecosystem. Coyotes, known for their intelligence and adaptability, pose a significant challenge even to experienced hunters. They have excellent sight, hearing, and a keen sense of smell, making them evasive prey. Hunting these creatures involves studying their behavioral patterns, such as their preferred terrain, feeding habits, and movement tendencies, among others.

Importance of a good scope in hunting

A high-quality hunting scope is paramount in ensuring an effective hunt. A scope magnifies your field of vision, allowing you to spot and target coyotes accurately even from a distance. It enables you to take aim precisely, increasing the chances of a successful hunt. Hunting at night, in particular, requires a scope with thermal or night vision capabilities. Remember, hunting isn’t just about shooting, it’s also about taking ethical shots that minimize the suffering of the animal. This is impossible without a good hunting scope.

The role of scopes in controlling coyote populations

While trapping is broadly ineffective, hunting, specifically with the aid of thermal scopes, has proven effective in controlling the coyote population. The ability of these scopes to detect heat signatures means hunters can easily locate coyotes, even in darkness or obscured environments. With thermal scopes, hunters can manage the coyote population better by eliminating the challenge of coyotes’ nocturnal nature.

Review of Top Thermal Scopes

The Old Deer Hunters’ top five scopes of 2022

Coyote hunting requires some of the best equipment in the market, and a great part of it is having the right thermal scope. Based on the recent list released by The Old Deer Hunters, the top five thermal scopes of 2022 notably beneficial for coyote and hog hunting at night include the InfiRAY RS75, AGM Varmint LRF, AGM Adder TS-35 384, Bering Optics Super Yoter, and InfiRAY Bolt TH50c.

Video and written reviews on scope performance

Among the best ways to ensure you’re getting your money’s value with your hunting scope is by paying attention to reviews by seasoned hunters or professionals. Comprehensive video and written reviews about these top-performing scopes are available, including video clips from coyote hunts where these scopes were field tested. These reviews deliver invaluable insights into the actual performance of the scopes and their capabilities under realistic hunting scenarios.

Scope recommendations for specific coyote hunting scenarios

These top five scopes are not just arbitrarily recommended; rather, they are specifically tailored for coyote and hog hunting scenarios. Depending upon the conditions, individual scopes may provide more advantages. For instance, controlled environments or competitions where precision is paramount would require high-resolution scopes like the InfiRAY RS75. On the other hand, hunting in the wild, where variables including weather, distance, and target movement can affect outcomes, might lean towards the compact shape and laser range finder of AGM Varmint LRF.

Zooming In: Key Features of the Ideal Scope for Coyote Hunting

Features of the InfiRAY RS75

High-resolution offering a million pixels

The first scope on our list, the InfiRAY RS75, boasts of its high-resolution capabilities. With a resolution of 1280×1024, it offers over a million pixels, four times the resolution of a 640×480 scope. This high-resolution quality translates to a highly detailed and sharper image, critical for spotting and tracking the elusive coyotes.

Advantages of the InfiRAY RS75 for coyote hunting

The InfiRAY RS75 stands out as a high-performing scope in a coyote hunting scenario, mainly due to its high resolution. The resolution grants you an unrivaled detailed overview allowing for better spotting, tracking, and accurate shooting. Additionally, this resolution can contribute to a successful hunt by ensuring an ethical kill shot by allowing you to aim precisely.

Price comparison with other scopes

While the exact price of the RS75 is not described, its high-resolution offering implicitly suggests that it is placed in a higher price range compared with standard resolution models. However, the advantages it brings for coyote hunting provide significant value for money and justify the investment.

Key Aspects of the AGM Varmint LRF

Cost-effective and energy-efficient scope

The AGM Varmint LRF offers numerous advantages, one of which is its cost-effectiveness. This scope offers a 384×288 12 Micron 3 power scope at a lower cost compared to many other devices in the market. Additionally, this scope is energy efficient, running on at650 batteries.

The built-in laser range finder and 3 power scope

One of the standout features of the AGM Varmint LRF is its built-in laser range finder. The finder works accurately up to about 600 yards, proving extremely useful for estimating and adjusting for distance when shooting coyotes. It also offers a 3 power scope that provides a clear and magnified image for better target acquisition.

Why AGM Varmint LRF is suitable for coyote hunting

The Varmint LRF is suitable for coyote hunting due to its various advantageous features, including its laser range finder, accurate 3 power scope, and long battery life. While the scope lacks an audio feature, this absence is considered minor as the audio isn’t a crucial aspect of a hunting scope.

Zooming In: Key Features of the Ideal Scope for Coyote Hunting

Benefits of the AGM Adder TS-35 384

Superior image and long battery life

Among the AGM Adder models, the TS-35 384 stands out for its superior image quality, and its impressive battery life allows extended use. With a 15-hour battery life capacity and an option for an additional 18,500 rechargeable battery, it ensures sustained power providing back-to-back hunting sessions without any disruptions.

Capture of audio and video

Unlike many other scopes, the AGM Adder TS-35 384 has the capability to capture both audio and video. This makes it an excellent tool for reviewing performances and improving hunting techniques. It can also be used to capture memorable hunting exploits to share with friends or fellow hunters.

Reasonable pricing for the valued features

Despite the superior features, the TS-35 384 offers considerable affordability considering the features it packs. It provides excellent value considering the image quality, long battery life, and additional audio and video capturing abilities.

Specifications of the Bering Optics Super Yoter

High-quality image from a compact lightweight scope

The Bering Optics Super Yoter is popular for delivering a high-quality image while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. With a 3X magnification and a choice between a 35 and a 50 millimeter objective, it offers a balance between size and performance.

Option of 35 or 50-mm objective

The optional 35 or 50-millimeter objective paves the way for customization based on hunting needs. The larger objective allows for an expanded field of view and better light transmission for a brighter image. On the other hand, the 35-millimeter objective might be suited for hunters who prefer a more compact, lightweight solution.

Why choose Bering Optics Super Yoter for coyote hunting

For coyote hunting, the Super Yoter offers an excellent combination of quality imaging, customization, lightweight design, and ease of use. While the usage of CR123 batteries might be seen as a disadvantage due to its short life expectancy, the overall performance for coyote hunting paints the Super Yoter as an excellent option.

Zooming In: Key Features of the Ideal Scope for Coyote Hunting

Details of the InfiRAY Bolt TH50c

High resolution, 3.5 to 14 power magnification

Among the top scopes of 2022, the InfiRAY Bolt TH50c is notably advanced in terms of resolution and magnification. With a 640×480 resolution and a 3.5 to 14 power magnification, this scope provides clear, detailed images even at far distances, essential for successful coyote hunting.

Best scope of 2022 at an affordable price

The InfiRAY Bolt TH50c not only shines in its technical specifications but is also recognized for its affordability. Despite providing superior specifications and being equipped to deliver high performance, it remains economically accessible to most hunters, making it a must-have for beginners and seasoned hunters.

Why InfiRAY Bolt TH50c is ideal for coyote hunting

Given its high resolution, higher magnification, and manageable size, the InfiRAY Bolt TH50c stands out as a favorite for coyote hunting. The high resolution allows for identification and accurate tracking of coyotes, and the wider range of magnification options allows for adaptation to different coyote hunting scenarios.

Observations on the Ideal Coyote Hunting Scope

Quick focus ocular lens and adjustable objective

An ideal coyote hunting scope features a quick focus ocular lens, enabling instant and easy adjustments to bring the image into sharp focus. Additionally, an adjustable objective allows you to adjust for parallax, providing a more precise shot.

Impressive battery life of 8-9 hours, extendable battery option

The battery life of an ideal coyote hunting scope lasts impressively for eight to nine hours on the internal battery. An extension option that includes an 18,500 battery or an at650 with an adapter can power up to 8 to 14 hours of run time, extending the hunting experience.

Feature of a port cable for video download

An ideal coyote hunting scope should also come with a port cable for a video download, allowing footage capture and later revision. This feature allows hunters to record their hunts, revisiting their actions to learn from them and improve their techniques.

Zooming In: Key Features of the Ideal Scope for Coyote Hunting

Advanced Features of an Ideal Scope

Zoom functionality with smaller increment increase

A critical advanced feature of an ideal scope is zoom functionality. Rather than doubling in power with each adjustment, the zoom should increase in smaller increments, allowing for better control and a greater resolution.

Option for ‘picture in a picture’

Another advanced feature is the ‘picture in a picture’ option. In this mode, the main screen remains at the base magnification while a small window displays a magnified image. This allows for a broad view of the surroundings while keeping a close watch on a specific point.

Four pallet options for varied hunting conditions

Lastly, an ideal coyote hunting scope should provide four pallet options catering to hunting conditions. Two of these options are specifically designed for white hot conditions, which are ideal for foggy nights or snowy conditions. Other pallet options should cater to unique or demanding environments.


Identification of the ideal coyote hunting scope

Given the stated features, the ideal coyote hunting scope, as identified by professionals, seems to be the InfiRAY Bolt TH50c. This scope provides the key features desired by coyote hunters, including high-resolution, magnification flexibility, impressive battery life, and advanced features like the ‘picture in a picture’ option.

Relevance of these features to coyote hunting

Each of these features tremendously enhances a hunting experience. High resolution and magnification enable identification and tracking of coyotes even at a distance. A considerable battery life ensures sustained hunting experiences, and advanced features contribute towards convenience and ease of hunting.

The role of quality scopes in the success of hunting expeditions

A quality scope plays a critical role in the success of any hunting expedition. By providing superior visibility, precision aiming, and convenient features, a hunting scope substantially increases the productivity and overall enjoyment of hunting. For coyotes, in particular, whose intelligent and elusive nature makes hunting them quite a challenge, a high-quality hunting scope is indispensable.

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