Best Air Rifle Scope 2023

Looking for the best air rifle scope on the market? You’re in luck! In this article, we will introduce you to the top 7 air rifle scopes for hunting and target shooting. We have done all the hard research for you and narrowed down the best options based on price, quality, performance, and durability. All you have to do is watch the video and see which air rifle scope suits your needs. So, if you’re ready to take your shooting experience to the next level, let’s dive in and find the perfect air rifle scope for you!

Introducing the “Best Air Rifle Scope 2023” video by Best Gear Lab, where you can discover the top 7 air rifle scope reviews. From the Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes to the ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter Riflescopes, this video covers all the essential information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast or a target shooter, finding the right air rifle scope can be time-consuming. That’s why we have compiled this list to save you time and effort. Watch the video and explore the best air rifle scopes available in 2023.

Overview of Air Rifle Scopes

Definition of an Air Rifle Scope

An air rifle scope is an optical sighting device that is attached to an air rifle to enhance accuracy and precision when aiming at targets. It consists of a series of lenses that work together to magnify the target and provide a clear and focused view. It also features a reticle, or crosshair, that helps the shooter align their aim. Air rifle scopes are specifically designed to withstand the unique recoil and vibration of air rifles.

Importance of a Good Air Rifle Scope

A good air rifle scope is essential for improving accuracy and making precise shots. It allows shooters to see their targets more clearly and provides better visibility in low-light conditions. A quality scope also helps compensate for the trajectory and bullet drop of air rifle pellets, ensuring accurate aim at varying distances. Investing in a good air rifle scope can greatly enhance your shooting experience and improve your overall performance.

Types of Air Rifle Scopes

There are several types of air rifle scopes available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. The most common types include:

  1. Fixed Power Scopes: These scopes have a fixed magnification level and are simpler in design. They are best suited for shooting at shorter distances.
  2. Variable Power Scopes: These scopes allow for adjustable magnification, providing versatility in shooting at different distances. They are ideal for shooters who require flexibility and adaptability.
  3. Tactical Scopes: Designed for tactical shooting and hunting, these scopes often feature illuminated reticles, target turrets, and bullet drop compensators (BDC) to assist with long-range precision shooting.
  4. Rimfire Scopes: Specifically designed for use with rimfire air rifles, these scopes are calibrated to handle the unique characteristics of this type of firearm.
  5. Compact Scopes: Compact scopes are lightweight and have a smaller profile, making them ideal for hunters or shooters who value portability.
  6. Night Vision Scopes: Equipped with night vision technology, these scopes allow for shooting in low-light or dark conditions.

Consider your specific needs and shooting preferences when choosing the type of air rifle scope that best suits you.

Top 7 Air Rifle Scope Reviews

Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes

The Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes are highly regarded for their exceptional optical performance and precision engineering. These scopes feature multi-coated lenses for superior light transmission, wide field of view, and an array of reticle options for holdover and windage corrections. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, they are durable, reliable, and designed to withstand harsh shooting conditions. The Sidewinder riflescopes are an excellent choice for shooters looking for top-tier performance.

Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope

The Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope is specifically designed for AR platform rifles. It offers a generous sight picture and forgiving eye box, making target acquisition fast and effortless. The dual ring tactical reticle is etched on the prism, ensuring visibility even without power. The lenses are fully multi-coated for excellent clarity and brightness, and the scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. Backed by the Vortex VIP Warranty, the Spitfire AR Prism Scope is a reliable choice for tactical shooters.

ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope

The ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope is a cutting-edge scope that utilizes thermal imaging technology to provide shooters with an unparalleled view of their targets. It offers high-resolution images, a built-in ballistic calculator, and video recording capabilities. With its thermal imaging capabilities, it allows shooters to see in complete darkness, fog, or adverse weather conditions. The ThOR-HD SMART is a premium choice for those who require advanced features and performance.

Hawke Vantage 6-24×50 Riflescope

The Hawke Vantage 6-24×50 Riflescope offers variable magnification from 6x to 24x, making it suitable for long-range shooting. It features fully multi-coated optics for clear and bright images, as well as a wide field of view for improved target acquisition. The scope is constructed with a high-grade aluminum body, ensuring durability and resistance to recoil. With its reliable performance and affordability, the Hawke Vantage is a popular choice among shooters.

ATN TICO LT Riflescope

The ATN TICO LT Riflescope is a compact and lightweight scope designed for military and law enforcement applications. It features a high-resolution display, advanced reticle options, and built-in video recording capabilities. The TICO LT offers exceptional clarity and visibility, and its compact size makes it ideal for use with air rifles. With its rugged construction and advanced features, it is well-suited for professional shooters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Trijicon Hunting Riflescopes

Trijicon is a reputable brand known for its high-quality optics, and their hunting riflescopes are no exception. These scopes feature premium glass lenses for excellent light transmission and clarity. They are built to withstand harsh conditions and offer a wide range of magnification options. Trijicon hunting riflescopes are designed with the needs of hunters in mind, providing them with the tools necessary for successful and accurate shooting.

ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter Riflescopes

The ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter Riflescopes combine the latest technology with rugged construction to deliver outstanding performance in the field. These scopes feature Ultra HD sensors, 4K video recording, and an integrated ballistic calculator. They also have a built-in range finder and a smart range finder function that automatically adjusts the reticle for accurate holdover and windage calculations. The X-Sight 4K BuckHunter is an excellent choice for hunters looking for advanced features and superior performance.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Air Rifle Scope

Magnification Power

The magnification power of an air rifle scope determines how much the target will be enlarged. Higher magnification is beneficial for long-range shooting, but it may reduce field of view and image brightness. Consider the shooting distances you most commonly encounter and choose a scope with an appropriate magnification range.

Objective Lens Size

The objective lens size determines the amount of light that enters the scope. A larger objective lens allows for brighter images, especially in low-light conditions. However, larger lenses can add weight and bulk to the scope. Consider the shooting conditions and the weight of your rifle when selecting an objective lens size.

Reticle Types

Air rifle scopes come with different types of reticles, including duplex, mil-dot, BDC, and illuminated reticles. Each reticle type offers different advantages and functions. Consider your shooting style, target types, and shooting conditions when choosing a reticle type.

Durability and Construction

Look for scopes with durable construction materials, such as aircraft-grade aluminum. The scope should also be shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof to withstand harsh shooting conditions. Additionally, consider the overall build quality and reliability of the scope.

Best Air Rifle Scope 2023

Ease of Use and Adjustability

A good air rifle scope should be easy to use and adjust. Look for scopes with user-friendly controls, smooth adjustment turrets, and clear markings for windage and elevation. Consider the ease of zeroing and re-zeroing the scope.

Price and Value for Money

Set a budget for your air rifle scope and consider the value you will be getting for the price. Look for scopes that offer a good balance between price and performance, and consider the long-term investment of the scope.

How to Mount and Adjust an Air Rifle Scope

Selecting the Right Rings or Mounts

Before mounting the scope, ensure that you have the correct rings or mounts to attach the scope to your air rifle. Consider the diameter of your scope tube and choose rings or mounts that match the size.

Properly Mounting the Scope

Clean the mounting surfaces of your air rifle and the scope rings/mounts to ensure a secure connection. Place the scope in the rings/mounts and tighten the screws evenly on both sides. Be careful not to overtighten and damage the scope or rifle.

Boresighting the Scope

Boresighting is the process of aligning the scope’s reticle with the rifle’s bore. This helps get you on target quickly before fine-tuning the scope’s adjustments. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for boresighting or consult a professional if needed.

Adjusting Windage and Elevation

After boresighting, take your rifle to the shooting range, and shoot a group of shots at a target. Observe where the shots land and use the turrets on the scope to make adjustments for windage (left-right) and elevation (up-down). Make small adjustments at a time and shoot multiple groups to fine-tune your zero.

Tips for Using an Air Rifle Scope

Proper Eye Relief

Maintain the proper eye relief, which is the distance between your eye and the scope. This ensures a full field of view and prevents scope eye injuries. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended eye relief distance for your scope.

Focusing the Target

Focus the target by adjusting the focus ring or eyepiece on the scope. This ensures a clear and sharp image. Take the time to adjust the focus for each shooting distance and lighting condition.

Understanding Bullet Drop and Holdover

Air rifle pellets experience bullet drop at longer distances due to gravity. Understand the trajectory and characteristics of your pellets, and learn to compensate for bullet drop by using holdover. Practice shooting at various distances to become familiar with holdover points.

Using the Correct Shooting Position

Maintaining a stable shooting position is crucial for accurate shooting. Use a proper shooting stance, steady your rifle with support if necessary, and practice proper trigger control. The more stable your shooting position, the better you can utilize the capabilities of your air rifle scope.

Maintenance and Care for Air Rifle Scopes

Cleaning the Lenses

Regularly clean the lenses of your air rifle scope to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Use a lens cleaning solution and microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lenses. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could scratch the lens coatings.

Protecting the Scope from Elements

When not in use, protect your scope from moisture, dust, and extreme temperature variations. Use a scope cover or case to prevent damage and maintain its performance. Avoid exposing the scope to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Regular Check and Adjustment of Scope

Periodically check and adjust the zero of your air rifle scope. Re-zero the scope if needed due to changes in shooting conditions, travel, or impacts. Regularly inspect the scope for any signs of damage or wear and address any issues promptly.

Comparison of Air Rifle Scopes

Top Features and Specs Comparison

Scope Name Magnification Range Objective Lens Size Reticle Type Construction Price
Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes Variable 50mm Multiple Options Aircraft-grade Aluminum $$
Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope Fixed (1x) 25mm Dual Ring Tactical Aluminum $
ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope Variable 50mm Multiple Options Aluminum $$$
Hawke Vantage 6-24×50 Riflescope Variable 50mm Multiple Options Aluminum $
ATN TICO LT Riflescope Fixed 35mm Multiple Options Aluminum $$
Trijicon Hunting Riflescopes Variable Varies Multiple Options Varies $$
ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter Riflescopes Variable 50mm Multiple Options Aluminum $$$

Pros and Cons of Each Scope

Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes

  • Pros: Exceptional optical performance, wide field of view, durable construction, precision reticles.
  • Cons: Higher price range, limited magnification options for long-range shooting.

Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope

  • Pros: Fast target acquisition, forgiving eye box, reliable performance, affordable price.
  • Cons: Fixed magnification, limited range of use compared to variable scopes.

ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope

  • Pros: Thermal imaging technology, high-resolution images, advanced features, video recording capabilities.
  • Cons: Higher price range, may not be necessary for all shooting scenarios.

Hawke Vantage 6-24×50 Riflescope

  • Pros: Variable magnification, wide field of view, affordable price.
  • Cons: Limited to 50mm objective lens size, may not have the same premium features as higher-end scopes.

ATN TICO LT Riflescope

  • Pros: Compact and lightweight, multiple reticle options, reliable performance.
  • Cons: Fixed magnification, limited objective lens size.

Trijicon Hunting Riflescopes

  • Pros: High-quality optics, durable construction, wide variety of options available.
  • Cons: Price range may be higher compared to other brands.

ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter Riflescopes

  • Pros: Ultra HD sensors, advanced features, integrated range finder and ballistic calculator.
  • Cons: Higher price range, may be overwhelming or unnecessary for some shooters.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Positive Feedback and Testimonials

  • “The Hawke Sidewinder scope has improved my accuracy and made target shooting much more enjoyable.” – John D.
  • “The Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope is an excellent value for the price. The clarity and ease of use are impressive.” – Sarah M.
  • “The ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope has completely changed my hunting experience. The thermal imaging is incredible, and the features are top-notch.” – Michael T.
  • “The Hawke Vantage 6-24×50 Riflescope provides great value for the price. It performs exceptionally well, even in low-light conditions.” – Emily S.

Negative Feedback and Complaints

  • “The ATN TICO LT Riflescope had limited magnification options, and the reticle was not as clear as I had hoped.” – Mark R.
  • “The Trijicon Hunting Riflescope was on the more expensive side, and I expected it to have more advanced features for the price.” – Jessica L.
  • “The ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter Riflescope had a learning curve with all its features, and the price was steep for the average shooter.” – David K.

Overall Ratings and Recommendations

Based on customer reviews and expert analysis, the top-rated air rifle scopes are the Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes, Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope, and ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope. These scopes have consistently received positive feedback for their performance, durability, and features. However, the best air rifle scope ultimately depends on individual shooting preferences and budget constraints.


In conclusion, choosing the best air rifle scope is crucial for improving accuracy and overall shooting performance. Consider factors such as magnification power, objective lens size, reticle type, durability, ease of use, and price when selecting a scope. The top-rated air rifle scopes, such as the Hawke Sidewinder Riflescopes, Vortex Spitfire AR Prism Scope, and ATN ThOR-HD SMART Thermal Rifle Scope, offer exceptional performance and reliability. Remember to properly mount and adjust your scope, practice proper shooting techniques, and maintain regular maintenance and care for prolonged performance. With the right air rifle scope, you can greatly enhance your hunting and target shooting experience.

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