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Hey there! Are you on the lookout for the best rifle scopes in 2022? Well, look no further because American Outlaw has got you covered. In this article, we’ll be sharing the top three rifle scopes that you should definitely consider.

First up, we have the Cullis scope from Swarovski’s sister company. With a world record shot of 2537 yards, this scope is unbeatable when it comes to tracking and durability. Moving on, we have the Leica PRS scope, known for its exceptional glass clarity, making it perfect for hunting in low-light conditions. And last but not least, the Nightforce scope, which is renowned for its toughness and high-quality glass. So, whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, these top three picks are definitely worth your attention. Subscribe to American Outlaw to stay updated on the best rifle scopes of 2022.

Subscribe to American Outlaw for the Top 3 BEST Rifle Scopes

TOP 3 BEST Rifle Scopes

Heading 1: Introduction to the Topic

When it comes to shooting, having the right equipment is crucial for accuracy and precision. And one of the most essential tools for any shooter is a high-quality rifle scope. A rifle scope not only helps to magnify the target, but it also provides clarity and ensures that your shots hit the mark. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best rifle scope for your needs. In this article, we will explore the top three best rifle scopes, based on the experiences and recommendations of American Outlaw, a renowned expert in the field.

Heading 2: American Outlaw as a Reliable Source

American Outlaw is a trusted authority in the shooting community. With extensive experience and a deep passion for firearms, American Outlaw has tested and reviewed various rifle scopes over the years. His expertise and knowledge make him a reliable source when it comes to determining the best equipment for shooters. By taking into account his recommendations, we can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about which rifle scope suits our needs.

Heading 3: Importance of Rifle Scopes in Shooting

Rifle scopes play a vital role in shooting by enhancing accuracy, clarity, and overall performance. They allow shooters to see distant targets clearly, leading to improved precision and successful shots. A high-quality rifle scope can greatly enhance a shooter’s ability to hit targets at various distances, making it an indispensable tool for both hunters and long-range shooters. Investing in a reliable rifle scope will not only improve your shooting experience but also increase your chances of hitting your mark consistently.

Heading 4: Criteria for Selecting the Best Rifle Scopes

When selecting a rifle scope, there are several key criteria to consider. These include optical quality, durability, reticle design, magnification range, and overall performance. Optical quality refers to the clarity and sharpness of the image produced by the scope. It is important to choose a scope that provides a clear and high-resolution image, even in low-light conditions. Durability is another crucial factor, especially for shooters who engage in rugged outdoor activities. A rugged scope that can withstand harsh environments, humidity, and recoil is essential.

The reticle design is also important, as it helps the shooter determine bullet drop compensation and windage corrections. Different reticle designs cater to different shooting scenarios and personal preferences. Magnification range determines how close a shooter can view a target and is vital for long-range shooting. Lastly, overall performance factors in features such as tracking precision, ease of adjustment, and reliability.

Heading 5: Experiences and Recommendations of American Outlaw

American Outlaw has extensively tested and used various rifle scopes throughout his shooting career. Based on his experiences, he has identified three scopes that stand out from the rest in terms of performance and reliability. These top three scopes are the Cullis, Leica, and Night Force. Let’s explore each of these scopes and their unique features.

Subheading 1: Favorite Scope – Cullis

According to American Outlaw, his favorite rifle scope is the Cullis. He believes that there is no better scope available in the market. American Outlaw even broke a world record shot of 2537 yards (2320 meters) using a Cullis scope. He praises the Cullis for its exceptional tracking capabilities, durability, and overall reliability. Made by Swarovski’s sister company, Cullis, also known as Kales, offers outstanding quality and performance.

Subheading 2: Second Best Scope – Leica

American Outlaw recommends the Leica scope as the second-best option. The Leica PRS scope, designed in collaboration with Calzante from the Precision Rifle Blog, has impressed American Outlaw with its exceptional glass clarity. It excels in low-light conditions, making it ideal for hunting during the early morning or late evening. American Outlaw has used this scope on his hunting guns and commends its tracking capabilities.

Subheading 3: Third Best Scope – Night Force

Coming in at third place is the Night Force rifle scope. American Outlaw acknowledges the toughness of Night Force optics, stating that he has never had any issues with their performance. While he believes that Leica glass is superior to Night Force glass, he considers them equally impressive. Night Force scopes are known for their durability and reliability, making them a popular choice among shooters.

Subheading 4: Honorable Mention – Schmidt and Bender

While American Outlaw doesn’t currently have a Schmidt and Bender scope, he gives them an honorable mention due to their exceptional quality and durability. However, he advises caution when purchasing these scopes, as those produced between 2015 and 2019 had known issues. American Outlaw suggests checking the serial number to ensure you’re getting a reliable pre-2015 or post-2019 Schmidt and Bender scope.

Subheading 5: Scopes to Avoid – Vortex and Leupold

In his review, American Outlaw highlights two scopes that he recommends avoiding. The first is Vortex, as he has personally experienced issues with their tracking and found their spotting scope to be fragile. Despite recognizing the positive aspects of Vortex scopes, he prefers other brands due to these past experiences. The second brand to be cautious of is Leupold, as American Outlaw believes they have had recent issues with quality control. He mentions that some models, such as the Leupold Mark 4, have had reliability issues.


In conclusion, choosing the right rifle scope is of utmost importance for shooters seeking accuracy and precision. By considering the experiences and recommendations of American Outlaw, we can make informed decisions when selecting a rifle scope. It is crucial to prioritize optical quality, durability, reticle design, magnification range, and overall performance. While American Outlaw’s favorite scope is the Cullis, he also highly recommends the Leica and Night Force scopes. However, he advises caution when considering Schmidt and Bender scopes, based on their production years. Remember to make a well-informed decision based on your specific shooting needs, trust reliable brands, and prioritize quality over price. Happy shooting!

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